Joanna Clay is an artist, designer and illustrator based in Oxfordshire, U.K.

Joanna's work is informed by her background in printed textiles design, with a large focus on pattern and colour. Her style celebrates naivety as she demonstrates a quirky interpretation of proportion and scale. She uses a variety of different processes from working with clay, weaving, painting and digital manipulation. 

Her main creative influences are the natural world and mankind's place within it. She aims to show the importance of sustainability in her work by emulating the beauty of nature and its inescapable significance to mankind. Bringing to light the issues surrounding climate change is something of great importance to Joanna, and she aspires to evoke this message further within her work. 

Above all, she aims to emulate positivity through her artwork, bringing colour, life and light into people's homes, making them a more exciting, playful place to live.



Commendation - Bradford Textiles Society

Shortlisted - Liberty Open Call



1st Class BA Hons in Printed Textiles Design - Loughborough University